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The air – and its value

Even if they is simply there, should we are more aware of the air and appreciate it. It is the elixir of life for nature and for us humans.

In reality, the air envelope that determines life is as thin as a short Sunday walk is long.

The air surrounds us down to the cells and acts in constant exchange. It does not allow any temporal deficiency and reacts with threatening environmental influences in case of change and pollution. If we humans recognize the value of air more transparently, we will value nature better and more purposefully. The purity of air and the balance of atmospheric energy content, which depends largely on the concentration of carbon dioxide, determine life throughout the biosphere.

Basic ideas

The AIRvalue concept assigns a monetary base value to air. This is done in the form of the reference volumes AirCol as an air column and AirHus as a condensed cube close to the ground as well as AirGrid as a geocoded global network of 100 square meters each. It is a data framework. The actual value assessment needs detailed data based on calculative methods. The natural CO2 cycle is calculated as a productive value and the unnatural release of CO2 by us humans as a negative load. Nature’s process system resembles industrial processes. An analogy is made between NATURAL enterprises and REAL enterprises.

We humans must not destroy the filtering effect of solar energy, which is many thousand times greater than human consumption, with greenhouse-promoting exhaust gases and pollution. Vegetation and living beings are connected in symbiosis through photosynthesis and breathing. The world is interconnected from the molecularly smallest to the living cell to the great biodiversity. The repetitive copying and forming in self-similarity is an adapting principle of nature, similar to a learning algorithm. The after-product builds on the pre-product, step by step. The macro world builds on the micro world. The laws are analogous and optimized over millions of years.

Possible solutions for active climate protection should become clearer through value assessment. Maintaining and restoring the healthy state of the air is a joint task across generations and borders that must also be economically successful in order to be sufficiently attractive for imitation.

The future of our planet, which is fit for life, demands rapid, joint solutions to the numerous tasks that lie ahead.

In today’s world, almost everything has a price – except air.

Putting a monetary value on air means qualitative and quantitative assessment of natural and anthropogenic processes in nature to better protect it.

A detailed elaboration of this concept by third parties in coordination with the author is desirable.

Give value to the air
Give value to the air
Give value to the air
Give value to the air
Give value to the air
Give value to the air

We humans are part of the cycle of nature. The value determination of CO2 sequestration and release processes serves to maintain a balance that is close to nature and decisive for the future.